User Notification: Effective August 25th, 2017, FilesAnywhere will permanently discontinue the Classic Web Interface. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 1(888) 661-6565 or via email at
FilesAnywhere API

Submit Your Own Custom Development

Click here to send an email to our product team to tell us about your application, developed for use with FilesAnywhere. If our product team sees a benefit for many FA users, we may list your application on our site. If your application has wide commercial appeal, we may add it to our list of available service plug-ins for users (since this requires development on our part, we will be more likely to add your app as a plugin if it has a wide audience already or a convincing benefit for a large number of FA users).

Please include Your name, username, company, program title, brief description of program and please be sure to Zip and attach the file. Also, please indicate in your email that you are granting us unrestricted permission to display your application on our website, including trademark or logo, and that you permit us to make your app available to FA users.

In turn, you can list FilesAnywhere and use our logo on your app or website, to promote your app integration, and link to our service. We do require that you notify our product team, at the email above, describing your intended use of our name and the links you are adding to our service, so that we are aware of your listing.

FilesAnywhere Partner Program

Share our service with others and Reap the benefits!

FilesAnywhere offers a lucrative reseller program for Business Partners. Expand your service offering instantly, while adding an entirely new revenue stream to your business.

As a Business Partner, you can integrate the sales of FilesAnywhere online accounts into your current website or marketing emails by simply including a link that we assign to you for new free trial accounts. All new trial accounts created using the link we provide are assigned to your company.

Recurring Commission
Commissions are paid for every referral that signs up and purchases a standard account individual account, or a workgroup account. Revenue sharing continues for every period of their ongoing subscription. This means a continuous stream of recurring commissions are paid to you for every account! There is no minimum commitment, nor is there any maximum amount you can earn.

Become a Business Partner and start selling FilesAnywhere to your customers today. We can process your application and provide you with your own Business Partner Link within the same business day.