FilesAnywhere for Work

Accessibility and Compatibility

Data is the heart of your company and a private cloud can change the way you do business, offering a smart way to manage your most valuable asset. By enhancing data sharing across multiple locations, FilesAnywhere for Work allows you to bring your products and services to a fast-paced market sooner by keeping your team on the same page and moving forward.

  • Business Continuity

    Whether planned or unplanned, meet any outage with a cost-effective contingency plan.

  • Cross-Platform

    End the Mac/PC debate, at least in the office. FilesAnywhere integrates seamlessly with your platform and browser of choice.

  • Mobile Access

    In the office, at a meeting, or on the road, your team has access to vital data 24/7/365 through any web-enabled device.

  • FTP, SFTP, and WebDAV

    Multiple options for use puts the power of the private cloud into your hands. Enjoy direct file access on your desktop, laptop, smart phone, or tablet.

File Sharing and Team Collaboration Features

Give your team the ability to send and receive data instantly through online file sharing. Whether across company departments, or to and from outside vendors, contractors, potential clients, or important customers, your files arrive immediately regardless of the size.

  • GroupShare™

    Online collaboration allows your team to get the project done, in the office or in the field. GroupShare centralizes data and controls how it’s shared on a per user, per folder basis.

  • FileShare™ and FileReceive Links

    Your team can save time and stay on task with the ability to send and receive large documents and folders. Comments and notifications help keep everyone on the same page.

  • Faxing

    Faxing- Any document can be faxed through the application to any destination worldwide. Use mobile faxing to send documents while you’re on the road, at a meeting, or attending an event.

  • Version Control

    Eliminate email clutter and constant version management. Version control features provide a structure for working in a team with detailed tracking, alerts, and histories.

Role-Based Access Controls

Securing your content is as important as sharing it. Our powerful administration console provides provisioning of access and rights by divisions, groups, users, and guests.

  • Set Policies

    Customize password complexity rules, login constraints, failed attempts lockout, password tracking and expiration, content and data retention rules, and more.

  • Manage Permissions

    Set access regulation, such as upload/download permission and view only restriction from the global level to the user level.

  • Allocate Storage

    Designate share storage space and limits by department, division, or employee.

  • Generate Reports

    Access detailed information regarding user and administrator activity for a complete audit trail.

Backup and Synchronization

FilesAnywhere is more than online file storage and online file sharing for teams. Our powerful backup and synchronization software, CoolBackup, comes standard with every Private Site account. Securely synchronize folders and files between locations in real-time.

  • Set-It-Forget-It Solution

    Customize and automate daily, weekly, or monthly file transfer jobs, and synchronize folders between locations with simple wizard-based software.

  • Protection

    Secure your data with offsite storage and point-in-time backups.

  • Data Restoration

    Empower users to restore deleted files, or retrieve previous versions, quickly and easily from within their account.

White Label and Professional Services

With FilesAnywhere, consolidating your content is smart, simple, and secure. But what about your brand? A cloud-enabled extranet with private web portals and your look and feel means a unified experience for your team.

  • Branding

    Opportunities include home page, site graphics, help files, and all internal pages.

  • Custom Content

    Enterprise accounts enjoy advanced branding options and system email content customization.

  • VIP Support

    Every Business and Enterprise account has access to dedicated support representatives who will handle your questions quickly, professionally, and courteously.