FilesAnywhere for Work

Data Backup and File Sharing Solutions for Business

In today's tech-rich atmosphere, business is different. No longer do we just work across teams or departments, but across locations, oceans, and time zones. Professionals need access to share important information instantly, whenever and wherever they are. Business requires secure online file storage and file sharing that both IT and users trust—that’s FilesAnywhere.

FilesAnywhere places the power of the private cloud in your hands with offsite data storage, effective file and user management tools, and simple yet robust online collaboration features. Centralized access, automatic online backup and sync, and built-in redundancy allow you to move away from tape and legacy systems. In addition, our white label services allow you to brand your private cloud, creating a seamless experience for your team.

Lower Costs

Start-up costs can be excruciatingly painful. Servers, software, network, and storage infrastructure- not to mention the round-the-clock attention and IT resources that it takes to keep it all up and running. FilesAnywhere for Work requires no equipment investment. Version migrations? Nope. Hardware maintenance? Never. That’s the beauty of the private cloud.

A Turnkey Solution

To get started with a Business or Enterprise account, you don’t need servers, square footage, software, and the people in place to configure it. All you need is an Internet connection and web browser to securely share files internally and externally. Online collaboration is available in real-time, from any location, and on any device. We provide you with an instant deployment, and you simply sign in and do what you do best.

Manage Your Business, Not Servers

Instead of hiring a huge team to manage software versions, permission, security, and outages, why not migrate your business to the private cloud? Along with reliable, versatile FilesAnywhere online file storage and web collaboration features, you get 99% uptime, monitored and guaranteed. That means more resources for you to hire the best and brightest and propel your business forward.


Skip the hassle of adding more servers and more IT personnel as you grow. FilesAnywhere private sites are completely customizable. Your plan grows with you, including online storage, data backup, and licenses. Best of all, there’s no extended implementation process or hardware to buy. Just add storage and users instantly, and then go on about your day.

Built-In Colocation

Forget expensive colocations and redundant servers. Seek the safety of the private cloud. Our n+3 redundancy fault tolerance and backup power systems ensure continuous operation. Cloud-based disaster recovery is cost-effective, automated, and immediate delivering reliability and flexibility to your enterprise. If the unimaginable should happen, all of your data remains safe, secure, and most importantly, recoverable.