FilesAnywhere for Enterprise

Data Backup and Online File Sharing for the Enterprise

With data doubling each year, how does the enterprise end content sprawl and consolidate access for teams that are spread across locations? FilesAnywhere for Enterprise helps you achieve your goals and realized increased value through the cloud by linking people, practices, and workflow both internally and externally. A fully managed, end-to-end solution, we can help you meet the challenges your company faces today.

Online file storage and online backup provide a combination of elements that create total benefit. Instead of added servers and the IT personnel to manage them, a FilesAnywhere private cloud offers many features and instant elasticity. Our Enterprise solution is secure , completely customizable, growing with your business. Add online storage and users without the lengthy implementation and down time associated with hardware upgrades.

Cost Savings with Cloud

Antiquated systems drain IT budgets and man hours with hardware additions, licensing, patches, development projects, square footage, and energy costs. The FilesAnywhere Enterprise solution is an online file sharing and data storage application that requires no on-premise servers, no hardware costs, and requires no technology refreshes.

Business Continuity

FilesAnywhere makes proactive contingency planning straightforward and cost-effective. Automatic online backup and anytime, anywhere access eliminates the need for expensive alternate datacenters or colocations. Simply retrieve your data with an internet connection and any web-enabled device, then share files online with your team.

Compliance Tools

Business today must insure compliance not just with internal procedures, but also minimum industry standards and government regulation. It's imperative to demonstrate strict access and protect sensitive data. The FilesAnywhere administration console puts you in full control with user management, reporting, and audit trails.


Managing networks is more difficult than ever before. With data doubling each year, scalable storage for massive amounts of file-based data offers a compelling economic and business model. Instead of added servers and IT personnel to manage them, private clouds provide for instant horizontal expansion without lengthy implementation and down time. The FilesAnywhere solution for enterprise is completely customizable, growing with your business.

We Are Your Virtual Network

Move away from tape silos and expensive legacy systems to a private cloud gateway and service oriented architecture. Managed in a SOC3 certified datacenter under audited service procedures, FilesAnywhere for Enterprise provides fast scale-up, enterprise-grade data security, and access to a dynamic workforce.