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Automate Business Processes

Define Steps, Rules, And You Are Done
You have repeating tasks & business processes which pass through several stages. We have the solution.
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Custom Form Layout

Do you have pre-designed forms for your business processes? You can use it right away!

Use your existing PDF or HTML forms for data collection and processing, or, select one from the list of available custom form layouts for your workflow.

Simple and Efficient

Define process stages & flow rules and share it within your organization. Raise a request and it flows smoothly from initiation to completion.

Best for automating your processes. To name a few like Vacation Request, Travel Reimbursement, Purchase Request, etc.


  • Build workflow using 20+ drag-and-drop fields
  • Define process steps and establish a clear approval hierarchy
  • Share with all or specific users in your organisation


  • Open process requests online with a single click
  • Manage requests. Approve, Reject, Provide Input or Raise Question
  • View end to end progress detail


  • Automated flow of requests, information and documents
  • Real time notifications of ticket submissions
  • Structured process flows helps tracking the progress efficiently