Automate Business Processes

Define Steps, Rules, And You Are Done
You have repeating tasks & business processes which pass through several stages. We have the solution.
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Simple and Efficient

Define process stages & flow rules and share it within your organization. Raise a request and it flows smoothly from initiation to completion.

Best for automating your processes. To name a few like Vacation Request, Travel Reimbursement, Purchase Request, etc.


  • Build workflow using 20+ drag-and-drop fields
  • Define process steps and establish a clear approval hierarchy
  • Share with all or specific users in your organisation


  • Open process requests online with a single click
  • Manage requests. Approve, Reject, Provide Input or Raise Question
  • View end to end progress detail


  • Automated flow of requests, information and documents
  • Real time notifications of ticket submissions
  • Structured process flows helps tracking the progress efficiently