FilesAnywhere Lite

Our latest user interface for secure cloud file sharing, known as FilesAnywhere Lite, brings a new intuitive interface that can be used on any device.
With Lite, using FilesAnywhere at home, the office, or on the go has never been easier.

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Choose The Right Plan For Your Business

Take a quick look at the different plan types to choose from and what they can do for your business.

Business Starter

$4.99 user/mo

    2-5 Users

    100 GB+ Storage

    Large File Sharing

    No File Size Limit

    Outlook Add-In

    Electronic Faxing

    Automated Backups

On Premise


    Unlimited Users

    Unlimited Storage

    Complete White Label Service

    Dedicated Virtual Service

    Azure Integration

    Custom Development

    Franchise Opportunity

Popular Features

Multi-Factor Authentication

This new security feature adds an additional layer of security to your data by requiring a Verification Code. This code is entered after you've logged in with your username and password to further verify your identity before granting access to your account. With our customizable multi-tiered module, your organization’s administrator can easily enable MFA for all users, selected groups or individual users to require an additional form of authentication, using your choice of delivery method, such as SMS Text, Email or Phone Call.

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Outlook Add-In

Streamline uploading and file sharing, save time, and provides additional features over standard email attachments. Once installed, the add-in allows you to grab local documents of almost any size, upload, create FileShare links, and distribute them to anyone with an email address.

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Automatic Document Recognition

Our Automatic Document Recognition (ADR) has the capability to not only copy or move a file to a folder based on a customizable set of parameters, but also send email notifications, or create and share a FileShare link. Just set the file requirements on the folder, and when a file is moved, copied or uploaded into the folder that meets your desired requirements, the action you elected will be performed.

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eForms is a form building module that comes standard with every FilesAnywhere Personal, Professional or Enterprise account. From surveys and forms, to questionnaires and quizzes, design your forms, send them to anyone, collect and manage responses, and analyze the information.

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Automate your business processes like Incident Management, Travel reimbursement, Purchase Request etc., with just a few clicks. Define steps and rules and you are done. Now just share it within your organization and see how it flows smoothly from initiation to completion.

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Secure Your Business In The Cloud

FilesAnywhere provides a secure cloud platform to store, sync, and share your company data, all while maintaining industry regulatory compliance.