FilesAnywhere for Home

Online Backup and Online File Sharing- All You’ll Ever Need

Every day we share with each other--from thoughts and ideas to emails and information. But that's not all. We share things we love, like favorite songs, and things that make us proud, like graduation photos. The internet made the connection and FilesAnywhere made online file sharing simple. Now you can share anything, with anyone, anytime.

More Than Online File Storage

FilesAnywhere is more than online file storage. Access your files on your smart phone, tablet, laptop, and even your gaming console. It's your personal cloud to fill and gives you the ability to archive, backup, share, edit, collaborate, and stream data. Send files to and receive files from friends and colleagues, build an online photo gallery, create a music and video collection, send or receive faxes, and sync to all your devices with one simple app.

Tame the Clutter

Data storage wasn’t always this straightforward. Putting photos in one application, music in another, and your files on CDs and external hard drives—it used to be necessary. Not anymore. Create a complete library of all your data, from online photo storage and videos to music files and graphics. There’s nothing to download, and just one login to remember. Brilliant!

Share Big Files

Leave the frustration and security weakness of email attachments behind. FilesAnywhere allows you to share files online instantly. Even big files and whole folders of data are no problem. FileShare™ Links make short work of high-resolution photos and videos, and they’re simple enough for everyone to use. Customizable permissions, password protection, and automatic expirations keep sensitive information safe.

Access Your Files Anywhere, Anytime

On the go and need access to your files? FilesAnywhere puts your data at your fingertips. Your account is available on any web-enabled device, and through mobile apps for iOS and Android. Get a little work done at home, backup and share videos from your phone in just a few clicks, or view a file uploaded to your account by a colleague while you’re waiting for your flight.

Peace of Mind with Online Backup

How important is your data? If you’ve ever suffered a hard drive crash, or accidentally deleted a folder full of memories, you’ve found out just how significant it is. FilesAnywhere online backup provides you with a safeguard from hardware failures, and sensitive media that can be damaged, lost, or stolen. Daily snap shots of your account are archived for 30 days, giving you the ability to restore content.