• 50+ Users
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Online Faxing
  • VIP Support
  • Custom Branding
  • Single Sign-On
  • No File Size Limit
  • CloudSync Desktop App

Business Continuity with Backup

Ensuring critical business functions through unforeseen circumstances isn’t optional. FilesAnywhere offers business continuity with immediate access to your files, backup, daily snapshots regardless of location.

Enterprise-Grade Collaboration

Consolidate, store, share, and manage data. FilesAnywhere cloud solutions and file sharing connects teams and encourages collaboration in the office or in the field while maintaining efficiency and productivity.

Role-Based Access Controls

Content security goes beyond firewalls and encryption. It’s knowing who has access to data, how, and when. FilesAnywhere includes an administration console for user management, reporting, and audit trails.

File Sharing and Team Collaboration Features

Data growth is projected to continue doubling year over year. FilesAnywhere for Enterprise is a managed solution to consolidate, protect, retain, and distribute files to employees, contractors, vendors, suppliers, and other designated users and guests. Your data is protected by enterprise-class security and your ability to control admittance at a global and granular level.

Role-Based Access Controls

The FilesAnywhere administration console allows you to create user connection boundaries and data access rules to protect sensitive data. Customized file retention rules and post admission auditing and reporting give you the tools to meet compliance or governmental regulations.

Backup and Synchronization

Off-site backup is an integral part of any contingency plan. FilesAnywhere for Enterprise provides built-in online backup and synchronization capabilities with usage-based pricing and instant scalability. Data is encrypted in transfer and at rest, and processes can be automated to provide near continuous data protection.

White Label and Professional Services

Enterprise accounts receive a dedicated team of specialists to help design the right plan and meet objectives. But it doesn't end there. We don't just sell you a product, we develop a relationship and partner with you, taking you through migration, assisting with branding to create a unified experience for your team, and provide you with support after deployment.

Accessibility and Compatibility

FilesAnywhere for Enterprise is reshaping the business landscape. Drive success by streamlining workflow and consolidating data through one portal. Meet the need for synchronization, cross-platform compatibility, and mobile solutions within a single application and uniform user experience.