Energy and technology firms operate on the cutting-edge and require IT and business solutions that create a cost-effective, state-of-the-art paradigm and accelerate discovery.

FilesAnywhere DuPont
FilesAnywhere AES

Agility and responsiveness to volatile markets are essential, as well as efficiency and mobile strategies. FilesAnywhere offers dynamically scalable storage and network connectivity through a virtualized approach to empower your team with secure, remote access and real-time insight.

With a need to establish secure access levels, deliver data to exploration sites around the globe, sync files from the field, and edit and track documents in multi-team environments, FilesAnywhere provides access to a production environment with the ability to shift massive resources when and where needed. A single point of entry allows you to deal with ever-increasing amounts of data while sharing information instantly and expediting the development process. FilesAnywhere has been supporting and enabling new services in a variety of energy and technology disciplines for more than a decade. Navigate the cloud landscape with an experienced partner.