From large firms to independent practices, private cloud technology is quickly becoming an integral part of IT initiatives for its ability to reduce expenses, secure a wide array of services, streamline collaboration and document sharing, and offer client portals.

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Challenge for the Legal Industry

The FilesAnywhere web-based solution allows for operating efficiency with remote access to critical data from the office to the courtroom. Beyond physical hardware, cost reduction also occurs with a decrease in supporting infrastructure; including the elimination of software licensing and ongoing updates. This lowers office resource expenditures, such as printing, courier cost, filing, and document retrieval.

Solution for the Legal Industry

With security as a top concern, firms can rely on FilesAnywhere data security with N+2 redundancy, AES 256-bit Enterprise grade encryption and data encryption at rest. FilesAnywhere provides controlled user provisioning, complex sharing rights, and robust internal reporting within our Administration Console. These built in auditing features give you the accountability and additional layers of security your firm needs. Streamline communication by sharing briefings, client data, and large dockets with secure FileShare & FileReceive links. Securely fax important documents to clients and firms as needed. Collaborate with consulting attorneys in complete confidentiality with direct GroupShare access. Easily transmit documents for electronic signatures using our Adobe Sign integration. In addition, migration to the FilesAnywhere's business solution requires minimal disruption and provides access to a highly scalable, highly secure cloud environment.

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