In our fast-paced global economy, the world of consumer products moves quickly. Businesses need to rapidly respond in order to stay ahead of their competitors.

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Challenge for the Retail Industry

As many as 80 new products and services are introduced in the U.S. alone every day. Time to market and quick response to changes is exceptionally important, as is managing your relationship with customers. With the cost of rent rising every year and 80% of retail consumers interacting online while shopping, you need a way to minimize costs on other fronts while going digital. FilesAnywhere provides you with a self-sufficient, customizable, and fully scalable solution to access and share information with your teams, vendors, and clients. It’s mobile, cross-platform compatible, and offers higher uptimes than internal data centers.

Solution for the Retail Industry

FilesAnywhere gives you the ability to collaborate and edit documents from any web-enabled device without file size limitations. Evaluate designs and ideas while viewing documents and proofs without the need for expensive software. Robust security tools within the Admin Console allow you to control access to your intellectual property. Retail providers use Multi-Factor Authentication, Reports, & Auditing features to maintain accountability. With FilesAnywhere you can meet consumer demands, improve service, enhance productivity, and manage costs in a highly secure environment.