The healthcare industry is like no other. Practitioners must be able to address challenges, meet needs, improve care, and adapt rapidly all while managing risk and tight budgets.

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From regulation and reform legislation compliance to meeting consumer demand, business agility is essential. Forward-looking healthcare organizations are deploying private clouds and revolutionizing operations. FilesAnywhere has more than a decade of experience helping physicians, hospitals, labs, imaging centers, administrative service providers, and multiple other healthcare disciplines transform the delivery of quality care while streamlining cost.

Our business solution offers large volume storage, N+2 redundancy, audit trails through a password-protected physician/patient portal that delivers efficiency plus accountability for PHI. Store and share audio files for transcription, add layers of security with data retention rules while coordinating patient care through a single gateway. Offer your patients the high-level online interactive access they want, along with the privacy and security they deserve. FilesAnywhere provides all this through a fully HIPAA compliant product.