FilesAnywhere is GDPR-ready and available worldwide in 54 regions & 140 countries with Azure.

For certain workloads, applications and use cases, the increasingly popular Microsoft Azure platform is an effective IaaS alternative to traditional IT infrastructure environments.

FilesAnywhere Regions

We provide you with the ability to be GDPR-ready by choosing where you want your data to be stored. By incorporating Azure, you'll be able to choose the region that suits your business and clients best. You'll be able to connect to Europe, Asia, Canada, Australia, and more. *Product availability is subject to regional limitations

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Security World Map

Global Security

With the pressure to provide GDPR compliant services, we understand that security is your top concern. In addition to integrating with Azure, we offer a suite of centralized security controls within our robust Administration Console. Control access to your company's data with Password Complexity and Management rules, Multi-Factor Authentication, and IP restrictions. Give your clients peace of mind by applying extra security for File Share and File Receive links, such as required tracking and password protection. Set your own data retention policies and reduce the risk of data loss with full visibility and reporting capabilities.

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Managed Azure Services

With FilesAnywhere Managed Azure, Engineers help you secure, maintain and optimize your public cloud environment so your team can devote its efforts to the applications hosted there.

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