Introducing Managed Azure Services

For certain workloads, applications and use cases, the increasingly popular Microsoft Azure platform is an effective IaaS alternative to traditional IT infrastructure environments. Getting started and operating these public cloud instances, however, is not always as easy as it looks.

With FilesAnywhere Managed Azure, Engineers help you secure, maintain and optimize your public cloud environment so your team can devote its efforts to the applications hosted there.

Step 1: Assessment


Our Cloud Architects will analyze your existing architecture, understand your business needs, and prioritize applications for migration.

  • Understand your team’s goals and technical limitations
  • Identify security and compliance goals
  • Choose the right cloud platform
  • Develop a migration strategy
  • Identify pilot applications for POCs
  • Prioritize applications, dependencies, and risks


Step 2: Design & Build


We’ll design and build a custom Azure environment that meets your security, compliance, agility, and cost-efficiency requirements.

  • Design secure, compliant Azure reference architecture
  • Develop and build a Minimum Viable Cloud
  • Implement security and compliance controls
  • Install 3rd party tools
  • Integrate your CI/CD pipeline with our infrastructure automation
  • Use templates to prepare your cloud to scale

Step 3: Migration


Get the keys to a production-ready cloud environment and go live on Azure.

  • Test and refine your application on Azure
  • Knowledge transfer and training
  • Choose the right Azure-native or 3rd party tool for data migration
  • For large migration projects, we will build Migration Factory to migrate applications to Azure in waves
  • Executive presentation and hand-off

Service Plans for Officeware Managed Azure

  • Deployment Services
  • Configuration Services
  • Compliance and Security Services
  • Operating System Support
  • Account Performance and Cost Optimization Review
  • DBA and migration services