Business moves at the pace of technology, and services that speed operations to respond to challenges faster create opportunity that gains a competitive advantage.

FilesAnywhere GE

The ability to adapt to rapidly changing markets, cost efficiencies, and achieve economies of scale is within reach. FilesAnywhere business solution streamlines IT budgets while allowing you to manage the service lifecycle, create a collaborative team environment, while securely exchanging front-facing information with outside clients, associates, and vendors across platforms.

Store large amounts of data, create secure deal rooms, manage contracts, and protect intellectual property with advanced features, permissions, and role-based access controls. With no limitations on file size, your team can upload, view, and share large files without expensive software while providing a consistent user experience. Single portal access, audit trails, reporting, and automated processes, such as backup and daily snapshots, provide risk management that’s not intrinsic with on-premise systems. Employing the FilesAnywhere system has allowed our numerous professional partners to do what they do best— find new strategies to dominate markets.