Fax from anywhere using your phone, tablet or PC

Electronic faxing is built-in to every FilesAnywhere account without the added expense of an additional third party service or fax machine.

No Setup Fees

Included with every FilesAnywhere account is the ability to send or receive faxes at no additional cost to you. Simply create your FilesAnywhere account today and start faxing.

Designated Number

Each individual user on your account is granted a designated toll-free fax number for the use of sending and receiving faxes.

Email Notifications

No matter if you're sending or receiving a fax, you always stay updated with the status of your faxes with real-time email notifications.

Secure Transmission

Sending and receiving faxes has never been more secure than with encryption in transit and at rest inside your account.

Administrative Control

Administrators can enable faxing sitewide for all your users, manage which specific users have fax access, or even restrict users faxing to either inbound or outbound only.

Audit Trail

Our centralized fax log maintains detailed records of all sent or received faxes, with the included ability to easily search, view, or download a previous fax.