Business Partner Program

Now You can provide your customers with a premium online service and earn recurring revenues.

The FilesAnywhere Business Partner Program allows you to integrate sales of FilesAnywhere with your existing customers, with no setup fees, commitment, or groundwork needed from your company.

We pay 10% commissions on every account you enroll at FilesAnywhere and you continue to earn the same monthly commissions for each customer for as long as the customer retains their account! 15% commissions for new account signups upon reaching $2,000 in total sales. Remote file storage and file sharing is a valuable service that you can start offering immediately to your clients or web site members. We will process your FilesAnywhere Business Partner application the same business day. We will provide you with a customized link for your referrals and commissions will be paid to you quarterly.

What are the Benefits?

Earn up to 15% recurring commissions for the life of the account

  • Substantial commissions from recurring revenues.
  • 10% commission from all FilesAnywhere subscription revenues.
  • Automatic, recurring charges each month or year.
  • Earn additional revenues with each plan upgrade.
  • Tiered commissions (upon reaching $2,000 in total sales, we will increase your commission by 5% for all new account sign ups).

Add Immediate Value to Your Current Offering

  • Expand your service offering by providing high-quality personal and corporate file storage plans from your existing website.
  • Increase your competitive advantage by offering a cutting-edge service of real value.
  • Connect users instantly to your cobranded FilesAnywhere site from a link on your site.
  • Customers signing up through you will receive a 5% discount on account activation charges.

No Cost, Commitment, or Effort for Your Company

  • Professionally managed file space for your customers at no cost to you.
  • Scalable file space and system performance.
  • Web and file system infrastructure.
  • File security, network security, and data center security.
  • 24x7 quality assurance.
  • Continuous feature enhancements and software updates.
  • Hardware and software technology updates.
  • Technical support and customer service.

Add FilesAnywhere to Your Site Quickly and Easily

  • Qualify and enroll in one simple step.
  • Receive a URL link for all new account enrollments from your company.
  • Add the new link to your website.
  • Included in the link is a unique promotional code. Users may either enter the special code or simply access the link.
  • When your referred customers choose to signup for one of the available paid plans, our database will then record your 10% commission payment. Each month, their credit card is automatically billed with the same amount. We mail your check each quarter for all of the commissions you've earned.


Please fill out the application and operating agreement, then email to A Business Partner Program representative at will contact you to discuss implementation of your portal site and provide any other information that you need to get started.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a FilesAnywhere Business Partner. We look forward to a long-lasting, mutually prosperous relationship between our companies!

FilesAnywhere Business Partner Relations
2201 Long Prairie Road, Suite 107-350
Flower Mound, Texas 75022
Phone: 1-(888)-661-6565

Professional and Enterprise Accounts

  • Administrative auditing and reporting
  • Access and usage metrics
  • Automated email notifications
  • Custom password lifecycle
  • Custom password strength requirements
  • User level provisioning and permission levels
  • Division, department, and group segmentation

Network Security

  • Service protected by industry-standard firewall
  • Restriction of access to fixed IPs available
  • Regular external intrusion testing
  • Redundant backbone connections for high-performance connectivity
  • Intrusion detection system monitored 24/7/365