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Easily Backup and Share Files Online

  • Reliable Backup

    Peace of mind comes with knowing your files are safe. Though hard drive crashes, power surges, or even spilled coffee can take your computer out of commission, that precious video of your child’s first steps remains secure in the cloud along with all your other important files.

  • Keep Track of Your Files

    With a FilesAnywhere account, you’ll no longer have to rely on CDs, DVDs, thumb drives, or other external storage that can be damaged or lost. Once your files are uploaded, they’re guarded by leading-edge security. Daily snap shots and data restoration features give your added protection for your digital life.

  • Easy To Use

    FilesAnywhere offers access through web and mobile applications, which means you can archive, stream music and videos, or view and edit files with any web-enabled device. It’s your personal cloud storage to fill. Simply create an account, upload your files, and start sharing today!

  • 1+ User
  • 20 GB $4.99
  • 40 GB $9.99
  • 80 GB $19.99
  • Easy Sharing Tools
  • Automated Backups

20, 40, 80 GB Plans

Send / Receive Large Files
Password Protected Sharing
Mobile Access & Apps
Online Form Generator
U.S. Phone Support
Point-in-Time Backup
Custom Backup & Sync
Local & Online Editing
Inbound Faxing
No File Size Limit

File Sharing and Online Collaboration

The cloud allows you to do so much more than check your email, or backup and synchronize files. Share instantly with friends and family, whether they’re across the street or live on the other side of the world. Your files arrive in an instant regardless of the size.

  • FileShare™ Links

    Send single or multiple files of any size. Share that whole folder of vacation photos without spending hours grouping them into a zillion email attachments!

  • GroupShare™

    Share access to your folders and collaborate with your circle of friends and family. Genealogy projects, guest lists to important events, and slide shows for weddings and family reunions were never simpler.

  • FileReceive Links

    Like to receive photos, videos, recipes, football pools, and other useful and fun stuff from friends and family, but hate keeping up with all the emails? Use FileReceive Links to receive files of all types.

  • Faxing

    Multiuser advanced accounts can opt to enable an inbound fax number for both main and subaccounts, and receive unlimited faxes. You can even fax from your mobile device.

Store, Backup, and Sync

Today we have so much data, and it's usually stored on multiple devices. Instead of saving all your different files across numerous applications, why not put them all in one place and get security and peace of mind to boot?

  • Online Backup You Can Count On

    Instead of storing your precious memories and important documents on destructible CDs and DVDs, or failure-prone external hard drives, backup to the cloud.

  • Daily Snapshots for Data Recovery

    The FilesAnywhere Data Restore feature contains 30 days of daily snapshots allowing you to retrieve deleted files from within your account.

  • Sync Files to All Your Devices

    When you upload files online to your FilesAnywhere account, your data automatically syncs to your smart phone, tablet, desktop, and laptop. No additional file synchronization software needed.

  • PC Mac Compatible

    Prefer a Windows PC, but love your iPhone? FilesAnywhere works across all operating systems and browsers. Mobile apps for iOS and Android make it even easier to get your files anywhere.

Online File Management

Put all your eggs in one basket? We say yes! Using FilesAnywhere is much more convenient than bookmarking a dozen sites, remember passwords, and then trying to keep track of what you’ve saved or backed up and where. Create your online library of photos, music, videos, ebooks, and documents in one simple application.

  • Access Control

    It’s your data, you should be in the driver’s seat. Every account has customizable permissions, password protection, even online signatures, to keep files safe—even when you chose to share it.

  • Version Control

    Advanced accounts come with the additional protection of version control. You can opt to keep versions, require documents be checked in and out, and disable delete functions. Great for GroupShare folders!

  • Real-Time Notifications

    Stay in the know! Each FileShare Link, FileReceive Link, and GroupShare comes with email notification options for guests, and for you, when action is taken on your link.

Scalable, Secure Online File Storage

There’s nothing worse than running out of things you need. With FilesAnywhere, if you ever run out of storage, you can add more instantly.

  • No Contracts

    Your account is flexible, just like it should be. Add storage at any time without the worry of long-term extensions.

  • No User and Data Storage Minimums or Limits

    When your family grows, so do your file storage needs. You can add users whenever you like. We won’t force you to add storage you don’t need either. If you have unused space, simply allocate some to your new subaccount. There's no minimum storage purchase required with additional users.

  • Online Security You Can Trust

    Encryption, firewalls, independent evaluations, and stringent compliance mean you can rely on FilesAnywhere for your privacy when you store files online. Our robust security comes standard with every account.