• min 4 - Unlimited Users
  • 3 TB Storage
  • User Management
  • Custom Branding
  • No Upload Limit
  • CloudSync Desktop App
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Connect Teams and Collaborate

Create deal rooms to house mission critical data for M&A, or simply collaborate with outside vendors. FilesAnywhere gives your team the ability to send and receive files instantly in the office or in the field.

End Content Sprawl

Data sprawl presents new challenges. FilesAnywhere is a single source solution for all your data needs. Our private cloud solution allows you to consolidate documents and manage them with a robust menu of features.

Control Data Access

Information is the lifeblood of your business. FilesAnywhere private cloud solutions give you an administration console that provides security and control with global policies, user management, auditing, and reporting.

File Sharing and Team Collaboration Features

Give your team the ability to send and receive data instantly through online file sharing. Whether across company departments, or to and from outside vendors, contractors, potential clients, or important customers, your files arrive immediately regardless of the size.

Role-Based Access Controls

Securing your content is as important as sharing it. Our powerful administration console provides provisioning of access and rights by using divisions, groups, users, and guests.

Backup and Synchronization

FilesAnywhere is more than online file storage and online file sharing for teams. Securely synchronize files and folders between locations in real-time with our powerful desktop app CloudSync. Perform full computer backups with our versatile backup software CoolBackup. Both CloudSync and CoolBackup are available with every Professional and Enterprise account.

Accessibility and Compatibility

Data is the heart of your company and a private cloud can change the way you do business, offering a smart way to manage your most valuable asset. By enhancing data sharing across multiple locations, FilesAnywhere for Work allows you to bring your products and services to a fast-paced market sooner by keeping your team on the same page and moving forward.